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Relay Clutch

The other day we had a '07 Ford F150 with a battery drain.  We did a full diagnostic on the vehicle and noticed a "heavy clicking" sound coming from the air compressor clutch.  Some of the reasons why the compressor clutch may not engage are due to mechanical failures, electric failures or low pressure freon levels. We disconnected the battery cable, opened the fuse and relay box to locate the relay for the Air Conditioner.  When we pulled the relay, this is what we found.  A paperclip, had been added to the fuse as a way of overriding the computer to bypass the relay.  For the safety of yourself and others we highly recommend against this method of repair.  For one, the factory system is more or less designed to turn off the fuel pump relay in the event of a collision and/or the relay may fail during acceleration on the highway. The minimal cost of a relay by far outweighs any possible dangerous outcomes.