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Complimentary Fresno Digital Vehicle Inspections

Our goal is to utilize these inspections by extending our customers a level of service beyond their expectations. A Digital Inspection tells the customer that we are informing them of the status of the various operating systems, rather than just being yet another of the many locations that can provide a transactional solution identified by the car owner.

Why we believe Digital Vehicle Inspections are so valuable?

Digital Vehicle Inspections provide us with the ability to create high impact, multimedia inspections for our customer including photos, videos, and technician comments explaining the need for the repair work to be done. They go a long way towards making our shop more transparent to our customers-taking away the mystery of what is going on with our customers car. A picture is worth a thousand words. It provides that “wow factor” to our customers- further developing strong customer relationships. It establishes TRUST with our customer base. It’s one thing to find all the work a vehicle needs – it’s another for our customers to actually understand what we’re recommending.

Who receives these Inspections?

Anyone that is our customer, period. These are done each and every time a vehicle comes to our shop. These inspections are performed by our skilled technicians on a digital tablet and sent to our customers via text or email, whichever is more convenient for our customer. We feel it’s our responsibly to educate our customers on all areas of their vehicle. We let our customers know that they are NOT obligated to purchase anything, it’s for us to provide and for them to decide.

When are these presented to our customers?

Once the inspections are either emailed or texted we follow up with a phone call to our customer. We discuss the inspection as well as any other additional concerns including all costs. Being able to send pictures and video right to your customer’s phone gives them the ability to see for themselves what’s going on with their vehicle. By giving customers the power to see necessary repairs or service for themselves, they are more trusting and open to repair suggestions. In an industry where trust is scarce, any change you have to build trust with a customer should be taken.

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